Welcome To Premier Dental

Premier Dental Care is a comfortable, modern dental facility located in Gallatin, Tennessee owned by Dr. Jim Birckhead & Dr. Jeff Powers, both of whom are trained in cosmetic dentistry as well as all other facets of dental care. They understand that people are sensitive about dental work for reasons that go beyond physical discomfort. Everyone wants a great smile. Dr. Birckhead & Dr. Powers know this and work together with you to make it possible for everyone to achieve a great smile.

The Premier Dental Care office is furnished with the most advanced dental equipment available. Taking pride in their cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Birckhead and Dr. Powers work hard to make sure that all the technological advances are in place in order to leave you with that fabulous smile you have been seeking. Patients are always impressed by the quality of work provided at Premier Dental Care.

The office of Premier Dental Care in Gallatin is equipped with a computerized anesthesia device known as the WAND. This new anesthesia injection system delivers anesthesia painlessly and more accurately than the standard syringe injection. This is just another way that Dr. Birckhead & Dr. Powers try to make their patients as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Birckhead & Dr. Powers are excellent dentists because they understand that technology and skill alone are not enough to help their patients. This is why they patiently explain the processes involved and seek to establish trusting relationships with the people who come to them for help at Premier Dental Care.

The office of Dr. Birckhead & Dr. Powers in Gallatin is a comfortable place where patients can feel free to ask any questions they want answered. They are available Monday thru Friday and have days with extended hours to help you fit an appointment into your schedule. If you need to come in early or late, Premier Dental Care can provide a dental appointment that will meet your needs. Call 615-452-1292 to schedule your personalized appointment today!